Welcome to our family!

This blog is a loose record of our lives, with stories and pictures from Dad, and random bits and pieces of awesome, funny quotes generated by our awesome, amazing kids.

We had originally intended this blog to be about everyone in the family: parents, children and the pets… and in a way it is… but the star of this show is clearly RJ. We each have fairly strong personalities, and perhaps this is why he lives in a mental space that’s so far beyond where the rest of us carry out our lives. Whatever the reason, his imagination and brain are clearly operating differently to the rest of us… and we love it.

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They just don't make a decal that captures our family... So we've got our own.

The cast of characters:

  • Dad

    • Dangerous with a camera… and he ALWAYS has a camera.
  • Mum

    • The only thing keeping this place from falling apart.
  • LR

    • An eight year old girl / menace to society
  • RJ

    • A seven year old boy / concentrated entropy
  • Amber Kitty-Witty Catface

    • A vengeful feline with a superiority complex and master of the surprise attack

No Longer Appearing in this Film:

  • Scarlet

    • The fur kid with the longest tongue in the family
  • Violet

    • A dog trapped in a cat’s body, with abandonment issues
  • Someone else’s Cat

    • Not related to us, but funny to look at.

oh how i bled for this particular piece of art...