Practice makes purfect

(before school, LR sits down to practice the piano)

LR plays a few notes, then stops and looks around.

She cautiously plays another few notes, then stops and looks under the piano stool.

Once again, she starts playing, then stops again to look around the room.

Dad: LR! Just get your practice done and stop mucking around!

LR: But Dad!

Dad: Come on. Just get on with it!

LR: (sighs) Okay…

She starts playing the piece smoothly and confidently. It’s familiar and she’s quite good at it. Everything is going well until a grey, blurry streak flies across the room, darts under the piano stool and latches on to her leg. There’s a crash of notes from the piano and LR cries out.

LR: (in pain) OWWW! KITTY!

Apparently, the cat has decided that ambushing people playing the piano is a very fun game. I can’t say that I disagree.

 The piano has been drinking

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