Considering the paleo-diet? It’s a bit nutty

(while eating breakfast)

RJ: If those vitamins taste so terrible, why are you taking them?

Dad: It’s my punishment for all the terrible things I’m going to do today.

RJ: You know what would taste really bad?

Dad: Two glasses of this stuff?

RJ: Even worse than that!

Mammoth poo, mixed with tar!!!
It would taste awful and you wouldn’t be able to get it out of your mouth. It would be so sticky that you wouldn’t be able to open your mouth properly.

Dad: But what possible use would that be?

RJ: I don’t think there’s a use for it; it’s just the most awful thing to put in your mouth.

LR: I know a use for it! We could sell it to anyone who wants to go on a diet!

Dad: Good idea! …  But isn’t mammoth dung pretty hard to find these days?

LR: We’ll juse use elephant poop — no one will know the difference.


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