Jun 24 2013

Worst Day Ever

(while picking up after school)

RJ: Ugh! You wont believe it! I’m having the WORST DAY EVER!

Dad: Really? What happened to make it so bad?

RJ: You know my excursion I was supposed to have today?

Dad: Yeah?

RJ: It was CANCELLED. The workshop person was SICK and so no one got to go.

Dad: That’s awful! So what happened instead?

RJ: WELL! Everyone had free play time for a whole hour!

Dad: But isn’t free play time really fun?

RJ: Yes, but NOT FOR ME. My piano teacher showed up and gave me a piano lesson instead!

Dad: Oh man. So nothing fun.

RJ: No. I was really looking forward to something special today and instead, I got a COMPLETELY NORMAL DAY. IT WAS TERRIBLE!

Dad: I guess it’s over now. It can’t really get any worse, can it?

RJ: I th…

(Out of nowhere, a ball sails across the playground and SMACKS directly into RJ’s face…)

RJ: (pauses for a moment, then starts laughing) Well NOW it can’t get any worse.

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