Jun 10 2013

Secrets of the Afterlife

(After waiting in line to see the Secrets of the Afterlife exhibition at the museum…)

Dad: LR, why don’t you get the tickets?

LR: Sure! … (walks up) One adult and two child tickets to see the exhibition, please.

Cashier: Sorry! The exhibition is sold out for today!

LR, Dad, RJ: What!?? How can that be?

Cashier: We can only let a certain number of people through each day. I’m really sorry.

LR: But we came all the way into the city to see this! Ugh!

Dad: Sorry guys. Let’s see what else we can find to do around here.

RJ: It’s okay. I already know how I can live forever.

Dad: Oh really?

RJ: Sure. It’s easy. I just have to marry my sister to keep our royal blood-line pure. The only problem is whether I can put up with her for that long.