May 8 2013

You’ve just crossed over

(During the school holidays… before going to see Zambezia)

Dad: Sorry guys, but I don’t think the movie we’re seeing is the 3D version.

LR: That’s okay. I’m not a huge fan of 3D anyway.

RJ: I like 3D sometimes… but you know what’s really crazy?

Dad: What’s that?


Dad: Whoah! What are they like?

RJ: They’re just totally crazy. Everything is just happening all around you! Like if it was a pirate movie there would be rain falling from the ceiling and wind blowing everywhere and all around you in the seats there are actual real pirates with swords… Not many people like 4D movies, that’s why there aren’t very many around.

LR: I think the 4D version of this movie would be terrible. Birds and feathers flapping around everywhere, squawking driving us crazy and poop all over the seats. 4D? No thank you!

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