Apr 30 2013

A Tale of Three Dangerous Nights

(a story by RJ)

Once upon a time, there was a magnificent king, named RJ. King RJ was fantastic and everyone loved him because he gave them all cheese.

One night, the first one of RJ’s knights went outside to look around and died. Everyone was very upset.

The next night, the second one of RJ’s knights went outside to look around and he died. Everyone was even more upset.

And on the next night, the last one of one of RJ’s knights went outside and… he installed a camera… And then he died.

The next morning, RJ checked the pictures on the camera and discovered what was killing his knights.

“Oh! It’s just a dragon!” said King RJ and went off with his sword and killed it.

The End


Apr 29 2013

Targetting le mot juste

(in the car)

RJ: Do I really have to do Judo today?

Dad: Yeah, mate. Just until hockey starts up again.

RJ: (sighs)

RJ: You know Dad. I never really wanted to do Judo.

Dad: But you actually asked us to take you, waaay back when.

RJ: I know. But… But I really wanted to do archery, you know with bows and arrows.

Dad: Then why on earth did you ask to do to Judo?

RJ: (quietly) Because… well…  When I asked, I couldn’t remember what archery was called.

arrow found the target

Apr 26 2013

Time for an update

(while eating dinner)

Dad: Hey, weren’t so-and-so meant to be dropping something off tonight?

Mum: They are. They just haven’t made it here yet.

Dad: I guess they’re usually running late.

RJ: They’re always running late because of their car. It’s really old…

That thing’s so old that it’s steam powered.

Collision between two engines, Bay of Quinte Railway, ON, 1892