Do biosecurity officers make house calls?

RJ: So Dad. Do you know what I’m going to do when I grow up?

Dad: Ummm. Mad scientist?

RJ: No. I’m going to run a museum, but it’s going to have live animals as well.

Dad: That sounds cool… Sort of a mu-zoo-um?

RJ: Yeah! But these wont be normal animals. I’m going to take DNA from different creatures and combine them into new creatures. You just need some egg cells and some other animal DNA. You have to mix the DNA from the animals you want, then put it into the egg cells and your new creature will grow from there.

Dad: What a great plan!

RJ: I know. My first creation is an angler fish crossed with a frog. It will be able to live out of water and has a light above its head so it can help you see in the dark. It also has a lot of very large teeth.

Dad: I would definitely go see a museum of dead things with a zoo of evil creatures.

RJ: (rolls eyes, sighs) Dad! Creatures aren’t evil. They’re just animals. They are only evil if you train them to be that way.

Carpintis Cichlid

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