Another Winner!! (2012 City of Subiaco Photographic Awards)

It has been a TERRIFIC past couple of weeks in terms of my photography… Two weeks ago, I won the Iris Award and last Friday night I was awarded the winning photograph in the Subiaco category of the City of Subiaco Photographic Awards!

This competition focuses on traditional photography, and despite being local, it’s still really competitive — a lot of very skilled photographers from the local photo clubs enter the local competitions. The awards night was fun, but space was limited, so I couldn’t bring my entourage… and despite being in a room FILLED with photographers, I have no photos of the event to share!

See the official announcement on the Subiaco Council website.

"We're Here"  - Winner of the 2012 City of Subiaco Photographic Awards (Subiaco category).

“We’re Here” – Winner of the 2012 City of Subiaco Photographic Awards (Subiaco category).

About the image: Every so often I’ll spend my lunch break walking around, exploring the area and taking photos. On this day, I had decided to turn around and head back to the office when I noticed that a train was scheduled to arrive at the station. I wandered down to the platform and waited for about 30 seconds. The train flew into the station, eventually coming to a smooth stop with a carriage right in front of me. The door slid open just to my left; the Subiaco sign shone brightly in the train window… and this young kid burst from the train, literally dragging his father out the door, yelling excitedly the whole time. I was lucky enough to have picked a great spot for taking the picture, and was again amazingly lucky to have these passengers show up…

Anyway, thank-you everyone for your support. I entered three competitions this year, and I’ve heard from all three, so you can safely return to our regularly scheduled SHTUFF MY SON SAYS.



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