Perils of the playground

(while eating dinner)

Dad: So what happened to you guys at school today?


Dad: Really! Something must have happened!

(crickets chirping)

RJ: Well! You are totally not going to believe this.

RJ: (puts down his fork and becomes quite dramatic and intense)

Today, we were playing at lunch time. There were four of us, me, L. and the other guys and we went back by the Sheddies. You know where they’re doing the building? Past there, past the edge of the concrete.


We decided to dig a hole. A big hole.

(motions digging with his hands)

We started digging. It got deep. Really deep.

(excitedly) We kept on digging and digging, deeper and deeper. We were digging like crazy, making this huge hole!

We kept digging and all of a sudden there was a flash along the bottom of the hole! WHOAH! SCALES. We saw SCALES!

(suddenly stops)

Do you know what it was?

Can you guess?

Dad: No idea… A fish?

RJ: (glares at Dad)

(channelling Steve Irwin) It was a SNAKE, it was in the bottom of the hole and it was a big one! (holding up hands showing the size) We couldn’t believe it!

Dad: Wow! A snake? At your school?

RJ: I know. It was REALLY exciting.

Dad: So… Did you tell someone? Perhaps a teacher?

RJ: No. We didn’t want everyone to freak out. It would just ruin their day…

RJ: Anyway, that’s not what you do when you see a snake. You just, “Say G’day, and walk away.” and that’s exactly what we did.

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  • Sue Says:

    “Every day, Dad asks “Did something interesting happen at school?” What does he think? School is just not that exciting – it’s pretty much the same thing day after day. So, one day I decided to make his day and tell him something interesting. I think he was impressed!”

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