Now that’s settled, it’s time to design the underground volcano lair

(overheard in the bathroom)

RJ: LR, when I move out, I have an idea so I wont be lonely.

LR: What’s that?

RJ: I think I’ll fall in love and marry a girl and we’ll have a baby boy.

LR: That’s a good idea!

RJ: I know… and… I’ll never make him move out… and we’ll be great friends… and he can stay and live in my house forever.

LR: You definitely wont get lonely then.

RJ: Exactly.

(later that evening)

RJ: Daddy, if you have to live by yourself, my boy and I will come over and visit you so you don’t get lonely. We can all play legos or do computers, whatever you like.

Dad: Awww… Thanks RJ.

(RJ has been concerned lately about what happens when he leaves home… Who is going to make him leave? Why do his parents want him to go away? Where is he going to live? Who is he going to live with? )

[17/365] Being prepared

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