Nov 29 2011

Pork bellies out, cat bellies in

RJ: For Christmas, I want to get my own cat, so I don’t have to share Violet.

Mom: No, RJ. We’ve got one cat and we just share her.

RJ: But I don’t like sharing!

Dad: Why don’t we each pick one part of the cat that we don’t have to share?

Dad: You can have the legs, and LR can have the tail.

LR: Yay! I love her tail!

Dad: Mom can have the head and I’ll have the fuzzy, fuzzy belly. Awwww so cute and fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy and just so fluffy fluffy fluffy.

RJ: But I don’t want just a pair of cat legs! A chopped off pair of cat legs? That’s just gross!!! Dad! Chopping up the cat is a terrible idea!

Alice got a haircut