Nov 18 2011

Time for law school… for us

(Before school)

Mom: What are you taking in for news today, RJ?

RJ: Can I bring the bow that I made?

Mom: That’s a good idea.

(Later, while walking to school)

RJ: Mom, there’s a rule that says you can’t bring weapons to school.

Mom: (pauses) So do you really think bringing your bow to school was a good idea?

RJ: No… But can we see what my teacher says?

Mom: Okay. We’ll see.

(A few minutes later)

Claire: No, RJ. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

RJ: (getting angry) But!!!

Claire: We have a rule about weapons at school… But you have done such good work on this, let’s take a photo of you with it and then send it home with Mom.

RJ: *explodes*

(Moments later, RJ is outside talking to Mom.)

Mom: You knew the rule, RJ.

RJ: But I made it and I only want to show it for news!

Mom: They can’t have kids bringing weapons to class. It’s not safe.

RJ: (exasperated) But… but… It’s only half a weapon! You can’t even use it without arrows!

Mom: …

Mom: (relenting) You do have a point… You can ask Claire one last time.

(A few minutes later, RJ is happily playing with his friends. The bow sits on the news table waiting for its moment in the spotlight.)

Claire: It looks like we’ve got a little lawyer on our hands.

Mom: (sighing) I know. Do you know anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer? They can have him for cheap… free even.

arrow found the target