Nov 10 2011

Zero sum? No way!

LR is in the kitchen helping Dad get dinner ready. Music is playing and things are relatively calm. All of a sudden, RJ goes zooming past, dancing like a crazy guy.

Dad: LR! What is he doing?

LR: I don’t know… I think it’s… musical statues?

The music stops and RJ freezes.

RJ: Yeah! I’m controlling the music and I’m playing musical statues… Against MYSELF!

The music starts again and RJ resumes whirling.

Dad: What a cool idea! Who’s winning?

RJ: I AM!!!

LR: (with a grin) Yeah? But who’s losing?

The music stops, bringing RJ to a halt.

RJ: (sadly) That’s me. I’m losing…

RJ: (devious grin) … But I think I have discovered a trick!

The music resumes and away he goes.

Head in Hands