Nov 1 2011

Fill in the blanks: RJ reading and LR bedtime

Just noting a couple of things that I didn’t want to forget.

Bedtimes with LR have always been very simple and easy until recently. These days I have to wait until she does a special hand motion with her hands and says, “I’ve got an awkward purple turtle…” in a weird, almost American accent. Once that has happened, I have to say goodnight to the turtle and then the regular routine resumes.

Reading with RJ is a mixture of suffering and elation. He is clearly bored with reading the books from the classroom and about half the time he makes it as difficult as possible. When things are going smoothly, he loves to play with words and the language. Two months ago, he redefined the exclamation point as a ‘whisper mark’. This introduced all sorts of unexpected amusement in his learning to read books when at the climax, the main character leaps forward and in a tremendous whisper mumbles, “Oh no!”