Oct 31 2011

Halloween 2011: Trick or Treating!

Carved watermelons and artificial pumpkins are the name of the game around here. Watch out for the gorilla and the monster eyeball in the window too!

Carved watermelons and artificial pumpkins are the name of the game around here. Watch out for the gorilla and the monster eyeball in the window too!

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Oct 31 2011

Happy Halloween!



We’re suffering from an incredible post-Halloween party hangover. Unfortunately, it’s not the result of drinks or anything else; this is purely the result of forty excited children and non-stop thrills and games. We’re aching and sore, the house is a mess, our garage is infested with giant spiders and bats and there are piles of bones littering our front yard…

At least we have a good supply of fresh, clean eyeballs.

Oct 27 2011

Breakfast of champions

(while eating breakfast)

RJ: Howp! I cannn mooovf my thunggg.

Dad: You can’t move your tongue? Why not?

RJ: Theeerth a hunnred kilogrammmth on ith. Thooo heavy.

Dad: A hundred kilograms? That’s huge. Maybe you can start using it as tongue exercise and end up with the strongest tongue in the world.

RJ: Rrrgggh…. RGGGGHHHHH! No… Juthhhhd thoo heavy. No thuper tongue powerth for me.


Oct 26 2011

Boo to the goose!

(RJ’s favorite line at the moment. He repeats it often using one of his weird voices and thinks it’s hilarious. Another RJ original.)

RJ: Move you big goose, or I’ll swallow you whole… There’s just not enough room in this town!

Domestic Goose / Oie domestique

Oct 24 2011

Goofy and the hamworm

RJ: Hey Dad! There’s a worm in the tadpole tank! I think he’s made of ham. He’s got red eyes too. I think he’ll be my pet, called “CheeCheese”.

Dad: What’s he doing?

RJ: Just doing the ham-worm thing. Wiggling around a lot.

(LR wanders over to have a look at the tank)

RJ: LR, I have some sad news.

LR: (sighing) What did you do, RJ?

RJ: Not me! Mum! She had to clean out the tank yesterday. There was too much algae in there. And… well… Remember your favorite tadpole, Goofy?

LR: Yes?

RJ: He got washed away. He’s not in there anymore.

RJ: Mum was really sad about it.

(There are about 15 tadpoles in the tank, all of them identical, and all of them very, very small. No one can tell them apart, and none of them actually went down the drain.)

LR: I don’t believe you. I can see him right over there.

RJ: That’s not him. That’s Gooby. I can tell the difference.


Oct 21 2011

At least it doesn’t involve explosives

Dad: All ready for T-Ball practice?

RJ: Yeah. I know how I can beat everyone at it too.

Dad: Really? How are you going to do that?

RJ: (rubbing hands and looking extremely mischievous) I have a secret weapon…

RJ: … I call it… Lunch.

angry sandwich closeup

Oct 20 2011

Go for the big one

LR: Do cats need to eat anything except meat?

Mom: Well, they’re obligate carnivores, which means they have to eat some meat to survive. They can’t process plants and get all the nutrients they need that way.

(RJ suddenly joins the conversation, hijacks it, and manages to drive it into the sun)

RJ: (speaking a mile a minute) Cats are carnivores. But do you know what? Dogs are carnivores too. They LOVE meat. They’ll eat meat all the time. Our dog, Scarlet? She loves to eat meat. She even loves hunting, especially around Easter time… She hunts rabbits.

White Rabbit Easter Egg

Oct 19 2011

Make your own cheese? No whey!

(while eating dinner)

Mom: So RJ, what was your most favorite thing that you did today?

RJ: Well… I made some cheese! I took some flowers and some water and a bunch of string and mixed it all up in a cheesy way.

Dad: Whoah! What kind of crazy cheese is that?

LR: I know! String cheese!

Pressed Lemon Cheese

Oct 18 2011

At the Perth Royal Show, 2011

The Perth Royal Show is held every year and is similar to the state fairs that take place across the US. It’s generally focused on agriculture and regional Australia (with prizes awarded for the best livestock), but also includes a lot of rides, junk food and … showbags.

Showbags are generally themed and have 5-15 different toys, gadgets and other bits of plastic junk relating to that theme. We like to think we’re doing our very important part to support the Chinese economy. The kids spend a lot of time agonising over which bag to get; comparing the contents, considering the utility and evaluting the coolness factor. They’re fully aware, however, that the chocolate and candy bags are totally off limits.

We had another reason for visiting the show this year: LR had two of her photographs accepted into the photographic exhibition. It was a big accomplishment; only the best photos make it in, and she was competing with high school kids, too!

This year, we visited two times: once during the day, and a follow-up visit in the evening to see the excellent fireworks with Grammy, Poppa and the Melbourne cousins, PA and MS.

Well, we're here guys. What should we do first?

Well, we're here guys. What should we do first?

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Oct 17 2011

Spider, spied her

RJ: (pointing to a Halloween decoration) That one’s broken, Dad.

Dad: It’s probably okay. Spiders have so many legs, they can probably afford to lose one every so often.

RJ: No! They can’t!

Dad: What do you mean? They have eight to start with, right?

RJ: Yes, but after they lose a leg, they can’t be a spider any more… They have to be a pider.

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