March, 2010 Photo Wrap-Up

Some bits and bobs to round out March: Poppa came to LR’s school and taught science class, LR and RJ played dress-ups, a new form of velociraptor was discovered, and LR and RJ went flying!

LR soars through the air!

Poppa explains acid and base chemistry to LR's class.

Poppa, LR and G demonstrate that the beans contain urease!

Poppa demonstrates the power of the lever! LR is heavier than two kids and Poppa!

LR as the worlds happiest samurai.

RJ, the medieval warrior, proudly supports Barcelona FC AND the inquisition!

The happiest samurai gets a surprise in the mail!

RJ built a spikey velociraptor. Look out!

One of the presents RJ got for his birthday was an air-powered rocket. After setting the rocket up on the stand, the kids have to stomp the air pump to launch it into the air. They, of course, found a better approach.

RJ takes a massive leap before landing on the rocket air-pump.

LR soars through the air!

LR comes crashing down, and the rocket zooms off into the sky.

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  • Rachel Says:

    I can’t believe how leggy L and R look now! They really have shot up in the past year.

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