Harvest time

Despite the hot weather, we made it up to Gingin for the grape harvest, but Grammy, Poppa, Kath and Brad had already picked all the grapes and crushed them the day before we got there! We made the most of it anyway, picking a lot of figs and table grapes that were ready to eat. Mum cooked up some fig jam and we had a big sewing ‘sesh’ during the heat of the day, before going for an explore out in the paddock.

Our incredibly brave**, heroic** and good-looking** dad rescued us from this marauding beast** that had been ransacking the countryside and was intent on destroying the farm.

We found this guy having a drink from the dog's water bowl. He's a bobtail lizard which are pretty common around here.

**Hyperbole employed as official privilege of the author

The grapes have ripened and been harvested again for another year. This bunch of turkish seedless table grapes was delicious!

RJ gets some serious needle and thread action.

LR works on sewing together a present for someone special.

Grammy helps RJ put the padding into the pillow. 'It needs a LOT in there so it is SUPER soft.'

Grammy helps LR pin some of the pieces together in preparation for the sewing machine.

Mum was jamming in the kitchen. LR picked the music.

Dad tried the free lens that was given to LR. Not bad!

After exploring the field and trying to piece together a kangaroo skeleton, we all head back up to the shed to climb on the tractors.

LR finds some kind of emergency nourishment in her pocket which helps her survive the long journey.

There was a bit of a discussion about the harpoon and whaling in general. Conclusion: we need a cannon at the farm to shoot the harpoon (in case we are attacked by whales).

Watch out poppa! Hat thief!!!

Poppa is hatless and dismayed. And unsatisfied, she strikes again!

Water is pretty scarce around here during the summer. The watering trough brings a crowd of roos every night.

The roos like to listen to Abba while having a drink. LR and RJ put on a dance performance for them.

RJ does some cool moves and crazy spins.

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