Nov 30 2010

The only way to win zombie warriors, is not to play zombie warriors

(It’s a cold, rainy day when RJ and his friend J. suddenly streak through the room, wearing only underpants, yelling and creating an incredible racket)

Multiple-parents: STOP! What is going on!?? Upstairs and get some clothes on guys!

… (moments later as Dad tries to get some clothes back onto RJ)

Dad: What game were you guys playing? That looked CRAZY!

RJ: Zombie warriors! It’s a new game we made up.

Dad: So how does it work?

RJ: First, you have to take off your pants and your shirt.

RJ: Then you need to be about four or five, and usually a boy and a girl.

RJ: And you’ll need a small pterodactyl, just like this one (holds up one of his favorite toys, Flappy the Pterodactyl).

RJ: It’s really a lot of fun.

Free Goth Baby Belladonna Creative Commons