Nov 17 2010

She’s got some ‘splainin to do

(in the car)

RJ: Make sure you’re not speeding, Daddy.

Dad: No problem. I’m definitely not speeding.

RJ: Mum got a speeding ticket you know.

Dad: (curiously) Really? She didn’t mention that to me.

RJ: Yes. She had three of them. She was holding them in her hand.

Dad: I’ll have to ask her about that.

RJ: The policeman had to stop her.

RJ: You know… Some people are allowed to speed.

Dad: But not mummy, right?

RJ: No way. Racecar drivers can though. They can go as fast as they like. If a policeman stops a racecar driver he would just say “But I’m a racecar driver,” and then the policeman would say, “Oh, you have to go fast all the time, so it’s okay. Have a nice day!”

Speed Limit 7 1/2