Nov 15 2010

A flag in the hand is worth two in the sand

(On popular beaches in Australia, the lifeguards set flags marking the safe areas to swim. These areas are watched by the lifeguards for swimmers in trouble, sharks and other water hazards.)

(at the beach)

RJ: (planting a stick into the ground) I’ve got my own safety flag. I’m going to put it here, then this area will be safe for swimming!

RJ: … Actually, I have a better idea. I’ll bring it with me when I swim. Then it will keep the sharks away!

Dad: But it’ll only work for the arm holding the stick.

RJ: Okay, then I need two shark repeller flags. One on each shoulder. Then the sharks will never get me.

RJ: … and then I can chase the sharks!

North Bondi team march past, 1930s / by Sam Hood