Something more interesting…

(while watching a documentary about India with LR)

RJ: I want to watch Dangerous Seas!

Mum: Just wait RJ. Be quiet for one minute and we’ll put it on for you.

RJ: But I don’t like this.

Dad: Mum’s right RJ. Just sit still for one minute.

RJ: (quiet for about 10 seconds) But it’s boring!

Mum: One minute. You just have to not say anything for one minute.

RJ: (quiet for about 15 seconds) It’s boring my eyeballs out!

RJ: (melodramatically raises his fists and bangs them against his head) Uhhhhgh.

Dad: RJ! Just sit quietly for one minite and we’ll switch. That’s the deal.

RJ: I’m leaving your deal on the table!

Mum: Just one minute. That’s all you have to wait.

RJ: (silence for 30 seconds) This is boring into my braaaaain! (dramatic gestures, hands in the air, head hanging forward)

Dad: Try again mate.

RJ: (silence for 45 seconds)

Mum & Dad: Well done! You did it!

RJ: Now can I watch Dangerous Seas?

Dad: Umm… how about something else instead? I can’t find that DVD.

A Hoot

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