Aug 2 2013


On Friday, LR asked to borrow a tie… Specifically, a red tie.

She showed up at school wearing the same clothes as a friend of hers. They’d coordinated their outfits and were twins for the day.

Nothing all that special about it, but it was fun seeing the girl-info-network in action.

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Jun 24 2013

Worst Day Ever

(while picking up after school)

RJ: Ugh! You wont believe it! I’m having the WORST DAY EVER!

Dad: Really? What happened to make it so bad?

RJ: You know my excursion I was supposed to have today?

Dad: Yeah?

RJ: It was CANCELLED. The workshop person was SICK and so no one got to go.

Dad: That’s awful! So what happened instead?

RJ: WELL! Everyone had free play time for a whole hour!

Dad: But isn’t free play time really fun?

RJ: Yes, but NOT FOR ME. My piano teacher showed up and gave me a piano lesson instead!

Dad: Oh man. So nothing fun.

RJ: No. I was really looking forward to something special today and instead, I got a COMPLETELY NORMAL DAY. IT WAS TERRIBLE!

Dad: I guess it’s over now. It can’t really get any worse, can it?

RJ: I th…

(Out of nowhere, a ball sails across the playground and SMACKS directly into RJ’s face…)

RJ: (pauses for a moment, then starts laughing) Well NOW it can’t get any worse.

pool reflections

Jun 21 2013

A terrifying trip into the city

While Mum was at work for the public holiday (WA Day), the kids and I took a terrifying trip to a model train and Lego exhibition then later into the city. We saw all sorts of REALLY scary things.

Aliens wandering through the city for WA Day!? Aaaaaaaaaahhh!

Aliens wandering through the city for WA Day!? Aaaaaaaaaahhh!

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Jun 20 2013

Cold outside? No worries!

Winter is coming! Actually, it’s here and the walks to school have been getting pretty cold. Fortunately, the kids have a solution!

RJ's comes with built in mittens!

RJ’s comes with built in mittens!

LR sports the compact leopard model.

LR sports the compact leopard model.

Jun 19 2013

Helping out at an endurance horse riding competition

On the weekend, we went up to Gingin to help run one of the checkpoints for an endurance riding competition. Many of the competitors ride all day, up to 80km, which is exhausting work for those of us that have to hand out drinks and lollies… but we managed to pull through!

The kids did a great job helping out, delivering cups of water and gummy snakes to the riders, and water, carrots and hay for the horses. They did, however, have a terrible time explaining why the gummy snakes seemed to be disappearing so quickly (and even faster whenever Dad was around).

LR delivers desperately needed cups of water to the riders.

LR delivers desperately needed cups of water to the riders.

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Jun 18 2013

Special consideration

(while getting ready for dinner)

Dad: Time to set the table, RJ!

RJ: (whispering) Shhhh!!! You have to be quieter!

Dad: What? Why!?

RJ: (whispering) Because Mum’s got a headache.

Dad: (quietly) Okay then… Time to set the table, RJ!

RJ: (whispering) Quieter! You have to be really quiet!

Dad: (whispering) Hrmmm… Time to set the table, RJ! This is pretty ridiculous…

RJ: (whispering) I know, but you have to, otherwise you might damage her brain.

Subway Construction in Downtown Washington, D.C. Noise from Air Compressors and Jackhammers Can Cause Irreversible Hearing Loss. 07/1972

Jun 12 2013

Embiggen the smallest… brain

(while doing his math homework)

RJ: (quietly repeating to himself) My mind… is expanding… My brain… is growing… I can feel my head getting bigger…

DIY Jumping Brain by Emilio Garcia - top view

Jun 10 2013

Secrets of the Afterlife

(After waiting in line to see the Secrets of the Afterlife exhibition at the museum…)

Dad: LR, why don’t you get the tickets?

LR: Sure! … (walks up) One adult and two child tickets to see the exhibition, please.

Cashier: Sorry! The exhibition is sold out for today!

LR, Dad, RJ: What!?? How can that be?

Cashier: We can only let a certain number of people through each day. I’m really sorry.

LR: But we came all the way into the city to see this! Ugh!

Dad: Sorry guys. Let’s see what else we can find to do around here.

RJ: It’s okay. I already know how I can live forever.

Dad: Oh really?

RJ: Sure. It’s easy. I just have to marry my sister to keep our royal blood-line pure. The only problem is whether I can put up with her for that long.


Jun 6 2013

Honesty is the best policy

Mom: (yelling to the play room) Kids! Dinner! Time to stop playing and set the table!

LR: We’re almost finished! One sec!

RJ: And by “One sec”, we actually mean 125 minutes!

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May 30 2013

The goggles do nothing!

RJ has spent some time in the lab working on his latest invention: RJ Goggles.

Apparently, this is only version 1 and there are significant improvements on the way.

RJ Goggles Version 1

RJ Goggles Version 1